Burd's Whitebox Template

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Burd's Whitebox Template

This is a whitebox html template for fast dev.


### jQuery ###

Not only does it use more modern code for layout but it also has jquery enabled and ready.


You can optimize by commenting the jquery stuff if you are not using it.


To change the jQuery theme upload the images for the theme to /style/jquery/images

Get different themes here.


## Modern CSS ##

This uses CSS throughout and you should try to do the same with whatever you add.


## PHP + Database Ready ##

This setup is also ready for PHP code.


You can remove the PHP if you have no plan to use it.


The PHP is set up to have a functions file include as well as a config file include, both with sample code.


## OTHER ##


To build multiple pages, just copy template.orig and paste it as whatever.php, make your adjustments and go


Any questions? Maybe this will help you.

Google is your buddy! >.<


Created By:

J L Kolpin


Email Subject: "Whitebox Template"


PHP Function Results:



Download Burd's Whitebox Template v2


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